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Insulation bearing selection requirements

The market requirements for various generators, wind turbines, etc. using rolling insulated bearings are becoming more stringent, and the conditions and performance required for insulated bearings are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to be able to select the most suitable insulating bearing from its structure, size, and voltage resistance, it is necessary to study from various angles. When selecting an insulating bearing, generally, the bearing structure, the ease of mounting and dismounting, the space allowed for the bearing, the size of the bearing, and the marketability of the bearing are generally considered. Secondly, the bearing size is determined while comparing the design life of various machines using bearings and the endurance limit of the blocking voltage of the bearing insulating coating. When selecting a bearing, it is often preferred to consider only the fatigue life of the bearing. The grease life, wear, noise, etc., which occur due to aging of the grease, also need to be fully studied. Furthermore, depending on the application, it is necessary to select a specially designed insulating bearing for accuracy, clearance, cage structure, insulating coating material, grease, and the like.
The use of our insulated bearings increases the normal operation time of the machine, but when purchasing, the insulation type of the bearing (insulation coating of the inner ring and outer ring insulation coating), size, and choice of retainer are well advised.

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